Power of Sale / Foreclosure

They Want to Take Your Home!

Losing your home and property truly is a big loss (e.g., lower credit rating, financial loss, credit refusal, higher interest rates and what about the family, how will losing the family home effect the kids, will they be forced to go to a new school ? ). You need to take action when a power of sale or foreclosure notice has been given to you.

If you’re facing statutory legal action or repossession action based on what was stipulated in your mortgage contract, you need to act now.

Don’t Delay. Act Now

Foreclosure Notice

After 15 days of defaulting on a payment, you could receive a power of sale notice. The Power of Sale was developed by the banks and mortgage companies to quicken the time they could sell your home and recover their funds. If you don’t understand your mortgage contract’s legal terms, you can meet with us to get a better understanding of requirements and deadlines.


There’s No Time like Now!

It’s not too late to act. Do it now. You have the right of redemption and can bring your mortgage back into good standing. You may even pay it off and find a better mortgage with another lender – such as Cheap Money.

You can lose your home surprisingly quick. Don’t panic. Call us right away and let us help.

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